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Over 50 years have gone by since Fagor took its first steps thanks to five student entrepreneurs. Today it is Europe's fifth largest manufacturer, with a presence in millions of homes all around the world, and a leader in the Spanish and French markets. Fagor has had a brand presence in the UK domestic appliance market for over 20 years.


The group's overall production exceeds 7 million electrical appliances. It has 16 production plants in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Morocco and China and 17 subsidiaries around the world, and its products are marketed in over 100 countries. Following its purchase of the Brandt Group, Fagor Electrical Appliances is Europe’s fifth largest manufacturer of electrical appliances, with a market share in Europe close to 6% and a turnover of more than 1,498 million euros.


Fagor has a wide range of brands to cover all segments of population. In total, Fagor Electrical Appliances handles and markets its products in all five continents through eleven different brands. This brand variety serves the goal of meeting all of the users' demands and requirements.


Fagor has the widest range of electrical appliances and household equipment: kitchen furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, cooking hobs, extractors, microwaves, boilers, etc. If there is one thing that perfectly defines all of Fagor's electrical appliances, it is innovation.


Our research process advances tirelessly day after day. As a result, we offer products with a high degree of technological development that are easy to use and, especially, are environment-friendly.


We are firmly committed to the protection and sustainable development of our environment, in order for future generations to enjoy nature just as we do today. With this goal in mind, we aim to reduce the water and electricity consumptions of our products and use more and more recyclable materials.


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